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Dive into a deliciously rewarding venture with Bad Egg’s fusion of Korean culinary mastery. From sizzling flavors to cultural delights, our franchise is ready for your entrepreneurial touch. Uncover the secrets behind our signature dishes and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit with our proven franchise model.

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Our Expertise

Empowering Dreams, Expanding Horizons

Highly Sought after Professional Strategists helping you Navigate the ever evolving Business World.

Founding Partners, Karim Virani and David Polny have proven business expertise along with international and global networking connections enabling them to offer clients the best cutting edge strategies for success. They thrive on helping others become strong independent business owners.


Proforma Analysis

Review model viability, balancing with fixed costs, economic conditions and competitive environment.​


Operational Development

Expert knowledge in new business owner operational start up, supplies and staffing.​


Business Coaching

Providing comprehensive knowledge linking all aspects of the business model.​​ 


Lease Negotiations

Offer to lease negotiations/Lease review & negotiations/Lease renewals/Lease Interpretation.​


Site Selection

Source sites and validate with market analysis. Recommend construction resources. 


Finance & Legal

Provide proforma and bank presentation support. Suggest and connect to preferred legal and financial institutions. ​

Facilitating Franchise Dreams, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Our franchise systems offer unparalleled opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovative concepts, and comprehensive support, empowering you to thrive in the ever-evolving world of culinary ventures.